Watermarked paper staples

On April 14, 1865 (the same day he was fatally shot by John Wilkes Booth), Abraham Lincoln  signed legislation that would allow for the creation of the Secret Service—not to serve as presidential bodyguards, but to help suppress money counterfeiting. Treasury Secretary Hugh McCulloch came up with the idea after Lincoln called for a commission to help stop the counterfeit money, which at that time was estimated to account for between one-third and half of the American currency in circulation. To this day, the Secret Service plays a role in creating new methods to fight against counterfeit bills, including training law enforcement operations to catch counterfeiters, investigating and apprehending criminal organizations and individuals, and raising consumer and business awareness about fake bills.

Watermarked paper staples

watermarked paper staples


watermarked paper stapleswatermarked paper stapleswatermarked paper stapleswatermarked paper staples