Thesis about common colds

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This species of Eucalyptus is a native tree of Australia , where as many as one hundred and thirty-five varieties are found. Its leaves are large, leathery, aromatic, and greenish-yellow. The tree grows sixteen feet in diameter and nearly two hundred feet high in some cases. The timber is soft when green but quite hard when dry, containing some tannin and other astringents. It also furnishes a variety of so-called quinine. Another variety yields a produce like manna, resembling sugar or glucose. The Eucalyptus globulus is also called the fever tree from its power in preventing fevers. It absorbs water from the ground and makes marshy districts healthful, preventing malarial fevers. Its action is very much like Cinchona. It is astringent, stimulant, antiperiodic, febrifuge, tonic, and markedly antiseptic. Eucalyptol is its active principle. It destroys the lower forms of animal and vegetable life and increases secretion from the body.

Thesis about common colds

thesis about common colds


thesis about common coldsthesis about common coldsthesis about common coldsthesis about common colds