Terrorism a threat to global peace-essay

7. Virginia Jihad Network—June 2003. Eleven men were arrested in Alexandria, Virginia, for weapons counts and for violating the Neutrality Acts, which prohibit . citizens and residents from attacking countries with which the United States is at peace. Four of the 11 men pled guilty. Upon further investigation, the remaining seven were indicted on additional charges of conspiring to support terrorist organizations. They were found to have connections with al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and Lashkar-e-Tayyiba, a terrorist organization that targets the Indian government. The authorities stated that the Virginia men had used paintball games to train and prepare for battle. The group had also acquired surveillance and night vision equipment and wireless video cameras. [27] Two more men were later indicted in the plot: Ali al-Timimi, the group’s spiritual leader, and Ali Asad Chandia.

Third, and perhaps most importantly, the . government should follow the lead of the ., which has recently adopted new protocols to improve the sharing of financial information between government and the private sector. The . recently established a Joint Money Laundering Intelligence Taskforce, which enables . authorities to share classified information about money laundering and terrorism finance with banks and facilitates banks sharing information about suspicious patterns of transactions among themselves. Between mid-2016 and mid-2017, the task force contributed to 63 arrests and helped law enforcement identify more than 2000 previously unknown suspicious accounts. A similar organization in the . would help American authorities and banks combat terrorism finance here and around the world.

Terrorism a threat to global peace-essay

terrorism a threat to global peace-essay


terrorism a threat to global peace-essayterrorism a threat to global peace-essayterrorism a threat to global peace-essayterrorism a threat to global peace-essay