Slide show essay on the cats of war

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The Sacred Grove of Oshogbo was one place I had been looking forward to visiting in Nigeria. As prevalent as indigenous religions still are in West Africa, it is often hard to find public expressions of them in towns and cities; the Christianity brought by European slavers and colonialists has taken root and pushed most of these religions out of mainstream life. But in the Sacred Grove shrines honor all the local deities, including Obatala, the god of creation, Ogun, the god of iron, and Oshun, the goddess of water, whose aqueous essence is made manifest by the river running through the trees. The place is unique in the Yoruba religion, and that intrigued me.

. Technically, this essay was fantastic. I know it was hard for you to adjust to the spontaneity of it, but you did very, very well. There’s a plot thread that moves the reader very smoothly from the beginning to the end, and I enjoyed the way you bracketed the whole story with your in-the-moment thoughts about the assignment. I also loved the tense shift at the top of page two (see note) where you moved from “I would” to “I will.” So elegant! I felt as if I were with you in your mind, watching you go from uncertainty to absolute confidence. From “I’m pretty sure I’m a lesbian” to “I just came out…”

Slide show essay on the cats of war

slide show essay on the cats of war


slide show essay on the cats of warslide show essay on the cats of warslide show essay on the cats of warslide show essay on the cats of war