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The other strategy against DPI is the steganographic one: look like something the censor allows. fteproxy uses format-transforming encryption to encode data into strings that match a given regular expression, for example a regular-expression approximation of HTTP. StegoTorus transforms traffic to look like a cover protocol using a variety of special-purpose encoders. Code Talker Tunnel (formerly SkypeMorph) mimics a Skype video call. FreeWave encodes a stream as an acoustic signal and sends it over VoIP to a proxy. Dust uses encryption to hide static byte patterns and then shapes statistical features such as packet lengths and byte frequencies to match specified distributions.

Textbooks, the lab manual, AND CURRENT JOURNALS should be consulted. The "references" section is for items which you "footnote" in the text. WEB PAGES SHOULD NOT BE USED (with the exception of the online versions of printed materials) as they are neither static nor peer-reviewed. MANY OF YOU HAVE NEVER USED ANYTHING OTHER THAN GOOGLE FOR RESEARCH UP TO THIS POINT IN YOUR EDUCATION... THAT IS VERY SAD. GOOGLE DOES NOT PROVIDE AN EXHAUSTIVE EDUCATIONAL OR SCIENTIFIC SEARCH. Online research can be useful in locating reference data, but caveat emptor- the base source should be cited and you should verify that the material you are citing is actually in the base source . (ie- How you found the source is irrelevant, but claiming that "the internet said the info was in that source" when the information is not, or the source doesn't exist or is incorrect, is a great way to get your paper rejected.) An "articles consulted" or bibliography section may be included for reference materials you used but which you do not directly reference in the text of your report, though this is nonstandard . The references should be in the following format, per The ACS Style Guide . Please note that different journals have different standards- there is no universal agreement on reference format, but you should use ACS format. If you don't want to buy the book, the references section is available online for free (as of 9/2011).

Sample acknowledgments thesis

sample acknowledgments thesis


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