Regis application essay

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There are also various publications that students can work on, such as the newspaper ( The Owl ) and yearbook ( The Regian ) as well as several literary publications such as a sports magazine ( The Falcon ), a journal of opinion ( The Crow ), a movie review magazine ( Flix Pix ), and a literary magazine ( The Raven ). Regis Repertory stages a musical in the fall and a drama or comedy in the spring, relying on the efforts of over 90 students in the cast, stage crew, business staff, and band, as well as talent from neighboring girls schools. [22] Recreational clubs include the Flag Football League, Billiards Club, Games Club, Comedy Club, Rock Music Club, Tennis Club, Foreign Affairs Club, Yoga Club, Ultimate Frisbee Club and various cultural and special interests/political clubs. [23] The Regis Historical Society, in addition to being a forum for general and school-specific historical debate, publishes its own journal, Cliographia . The Owl interviewed CIA leak case prosecutor and alumnus Patrick J. Fitzgerald in 2006. Its article was linked on the Drudge Report and quoted by the Associated Press . [24]

Regis application essay

regis application essay


regis application essayregis application essayregis application essayregis application essay