Pollution in big cities essay

A picture caption on Tuesday with an article about the effect pollution in China is having on the lives of children gave an incorrect impression of the circumstances under which a 4-year-old boy was shown wearing a face mask. His parents had put the mask on him so a photographer could take a picture of him wearing it, but he normally uses the mask only outside, not while playing indoors at home. The article also misspelled the given name of the boy’s grandfather. The Pinyin transliteration of his name is Zhang Xiaochuan, not Xiaochun.

Dear David, thank you very much for mentioning Cambridge Mask! I wanted to share with you our new product coming launched very soon. It will be our already made masks with an upgrade: a smart valve. Cambridge Mask’s SmartValve clips onto their mask, and, through an app, gives data on filter expiration levels, local air quality information as well as advise on breathing patterns. The masks are aimed at urban residents who are exposed to higher air pollution levels as well as cyclists, allergy sufferers and those with low immune systems or chemical sensitivities.

Pollution in big cities essay

pollution in big cities essay


pollution in big cities essaypollution in big cities essaypollution in big cities essaypollution in big cities essay