Pace university entrance essay

Exit westbound at Grand Avenue (Route 132) and continue to Hunt Club Road.  Turn southbound and continue until Washington St.  Turn westbound and continue across Rte. 45 to the College of Lake County campus entrance at Lancer Lane.  (There will be a stoplight and a CLC lighted message board.)  Turn south onto Lancer.  The University Center will be immediately ahead on the east side of Lancer Lane.  The parking lot and main building entrance is on the north side of the University Center.  Turn east on University Center Drive into the parking lot.

We strongly recommend that future Clayton State students prepare before testing, particularly in algebra. Minimum scores are required for admission.  Here is the official ACCUPLACER preparation website: https:///students/prepare-for-accuplacer .  Also see the section below on "Preparing."

Algebra workshops will be held by the Center for Academic Success (CAS) on Saturday, October 21, and on Saturday, November 4, for Clayton State students and applicants.  Math tutoring may also be available from the CAS.  Call the CAS at (678) 466-4070 or email them at  [email protected]  to make your appointments for study assistance!

Admitted students may take ACCUPLACER Elementary Algebra as an appeal to be placed into MATH 1101 or 1111 without remediation. Admitted students may also take ACCUPLACER College-Level Math as an appeal to start in a higher-level mathematics course than MATH 1101 or 1111. 

No calculators are allowed except those provided on the ACCUPLACER screen. The fee is $20 for Clayton State University and POST testing and retesting; $30 for all remote testing.

ACCUPLACER testing appointments are required.   Please schedule your exam by calling the Testing Center at (678) 466-4495.

After paying the toll on the Tappan Zee Bridge, stay in the right lane and proceed south on Route 87 (New York State Thruway). Get off at Exit 8A, which is marked: Route 87South/Rte 119/SawMill Parkway NORTH. Remain in the right lane as the exit splits. Follow the Saw Mill River Parkway North and get off at exit 26, “Taconic State Parkway.” The first exit on the Taconic Parkway is for Pace University at Pleasantville – Route 117. At the end of the exit there is a traffic light. Entrance one and two to the campus are directly in front of you, straight across the intersection. If you turn right at the light and proceed east on Rte 117, entrance three is 2/10 of a mile on the left. Entrance three is the most popular entrance with access to our residence halls and administrative buildings.

Pace university entrance essay

pace university entrance essay


pace university entrance essaypace university entrance essaypace university entrance essaypace university entrance essay