Nonverbal communication term papers

People who feel often misunderstood or distanced from others may find it helpful to ask a close friend or loved one how they come across when communicating. When nonverbal communication is often incongruent with spoken words, others may not be sure of intentions and may find it difficult to have faith in what a person is saying. An individual may also nonverbally convey a particular emotion others find off-putting, such as a sense of judgment or aggression . This may not come across in the individual’s spoken words, and individuals may be unaware of the message being sent by the nonverbal cues. Therefore, assessing the reactions of others and opening lines of communication can provide insight into ways to better align verbal and nonverbal communication.

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The way one chooses to dress tells a lot about one's personality. In fact, there was a study done at the University of North Carolina, which compared the way undergraduate women chose to dress and their personality types. The study showed that women who dressed "primarily for comfort and practicality were more self-controlled, dependable, and socially well adjusted" ("Sarasota Journal" 38). [20] Women who didn't like to stand out in a crowd had typically more conservative and traditional views and beliefs. Clothing, although non-verbal, tells people what the personality of the individual is like. The way a person dresses is typically rooted from deeper internal motivations such as emotions, experiences and culture. [21] Clothing expresses who the person is, or even who they want to be that day. It shows other people who they want to be associated with, and where they fit in. Clothing can start relationships, because they clue other people in on what the wearer is like ("Sarasota Journal" 38). [20] [21]

Nonverbal communication term papers

nonverbal communication term papers


nonverbal communication term papersnonverbal communication term papersnonverbal communication term papersnonverbal communication term papers