Mr hughes maths coursework

Meetings are held fortnightly in school time. Mrs Healey, our lead teacher, will encourage children to raise and discuss issues and concerns to improve St Luke’s school and allow the children to take part in decision making. It is hoped that members will learn to talk about things that affect them and their classmates, learn to solve problems fairly, become more confident and better listeners and make a positive contribution to every aspect of the school community. We will inform you of the issues and decisions made in future newsletters.

submitted by Phil Calvert – 6th Class 47
Trenches in the playground ,and air raid drills, donning knitted wool earmuffs – of dubious value.  Enjoying sport – cricket, swimming, softball and of course marbles.  Meat pie & 3pcs of cake all for 6d. ,under those camphor laurel trees.  The ‘model man’ who visited ea year or so with his side opening van – one year his display (in the form of a diarama) and talk related to the whaling industry.  Segregation – girls upstairs/boys downstairs with little hope of crossing paths.

Mr hughes maths coursework

mr hughes maths coursework


mr hughes maths courseworkmr hughes maths courseworkmr hughes maths courseworkmr hughes maths coursework