Most inspirational people essay

Can you see the hexagon on the right embedded in the figure on the left? Autism Diva announced she could during a Distinguished Lecturer Series held at the UC Davis MIND Institute, and was told by Dr. Frith that she probably has weak central coherence.

Omigosh!! I can see the hexagon too! But then again, so can anyone paying close enough attention. ( If you can't, it just may be because the graphic isn't clear enough. I'll try to find one that's sharper. ) Children in fact love to be challenged this way, to find the hidden picture.

Weak central coherence?!! Looks more like a strength. In fact, just discovered that something called the EFT - Embedded Figures Test - is used as a standardized measure of cognitive style and analytical ability. Also found the following: THE PERFORMANCE OF ENGINEERING STUDENTS ON THE GROUP EMBEDDED FIGURES TEST "The ability to disembed has been shown to be a necessary skill in problem solving and is consequently, thought of as a necessary trait for individuals interested in engineering."

So when are these so-called experts in the field going to figure out how to help autistics reach their full potential, and contribute their strengths to society, rather than denigrate their abilities and discriminate against them for being different.

Nelson Mandela (1918 – 2013) worked very hard to train as a lawyer, despite the South African apartheid system making this very difficult for a black man. Against the odds Nelson Mandela was able to practice law, helping many black South Africans to survive in the apartheid system. When Nelson Mandela was sent to jail for his opposition to apartheid in the 1960s, there seemed no end in sight to the all powerful apartheid system of South Africa. But, against the odds, Mandela played a critical role in bringing about the end of apartheid and the first truly democratic elections.

Most inspirational people essay

most inspirational people essay


most inspirational people essaymost inspirational people essaymost inspirational people essaymost inspirational people essay