Mask of tutankhamun essay

Generally, American audiences have accepted the idea that while superheroes shouldn’t kill people, people who work under a government aegis can. Call it the James Bond effect: A government job, like SHIELD agent, is about stopping threats to the populace, and not about morality. It’s about getting the job done, and usually these jobs are done by regular people without powers against people much more powerful than them. Case in point, Aida had crazy superpowers that they just couldn’t cope with, so you could make the argument that killing was their only option (although truer superheroes should have been able to find a way). Of course, the SHIELD agents do use their little knock-out guns that don’t kill people… most of the time. Ivanov was straight-up murdered, though, and Coulson definitely intended Ward to die before the Hive alien took his body over.

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Mask of tutankhamun essay

mask of tutankhamun essay


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