Magnate high school essay's

Many movies have been filmed at Palisades. One of the first major motion pictures to be shot at Pali High was Carrie . Directors George Lucas and Brian De Palma held a joint audition for Carrie and Lucas's Star Wars (1977) on the Palisades campus. Other movies filmed on site include Popular (1999), Crazy/Beautiful (2001), The Glass House (2001), Old School (2003), Freaky Friday (2003), Havoc (2005), and Project X (2012). The TV series Modern Family (2013) Teen Wolf (2011) and the Netflix series American Vandal (2017) were also filmed at the school .

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Magnate high school essay's

magnate high school essay's


magnate high school essay'smagnate high school essay'smagnate high school essay'smagnate high school essay's