John mcphee essays

There are few writers emerging today who could convince FSG to publish a book of essays seven-eighths of which is already available on a single tagged page at the New Yorker . I would recommend Draft No. 4 to writers and anyone interested in writing, but no one should use it as a professional guide uncritically or they’re liable to starve. If you’re a young writer trying to make it, I’d suggest reading the essays online and save the $26 cover price of the book. The New Yorker only gives you six free pieces a month, but those who seek out this collection will probably already know that.

Below, I’ve separated my findings into four lists: the most anthologized essays (this should be self-explanatory), the most anthologized essayists (the authors with the most essays total across the anthologies), the most widely anthologized essayists (the authors with the most discrete essays across the anthologies), and the one hit wonders (those essays that were their authors only piece represented across the anthologies, albeit multiple times). At the end, there’s the full list, consisting of all duplicated essays and all essayists who had at least three pieces among the books I surveyed.

John mcphee essays

john mcphee essays


john mcphee essaysjohn mcphee essaysjohn mcphee essaysjohn mcphee essays