Honoring veterans essay

To all members of Post 386,
     I was a Guardian for Bill Matthews, a 91 year old Army Veteran of World War II on Honor Flight Mission #1000 on Sept. 10, 2016.  It was an unbelievably great day.  Starting at 6 AM and seeing you at about 9:30 that night.  I thought I had seen it all from send off at Stewart to arrival at Washington DC and arrival at Stewart.  For me, seeing you all at the end of the welcoming line in your dress uniforms, at attention and saluting Bill was fantastic.  It remains in my mind as one of the most gratifying moments of the day.  I see your Post 386 in the paper a lot.  You do a great job.  I am former Air Force and Adjutant for American Legion Post 486 in Matamoras, PA 18336.
Again, Thank You.
For God & Country,
Francis “Butch” Lemon
Adj. Post 486

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Honoring veterans essay

honoring veterans essay


honoring veterans essayhonoring veterans essayhonoring veterans essayhonoring veterans essay