Hillary rodham 1969 thesis

One need only look at the historical events at times she was placed in a position,
Who was NY Senator during Sep 11, SecState during Arab Spring & Benghazi, AR 1st Lady during those many state issues, FLOTUS for all those timeframe events, etc, etc, & etc? Too many issues to list all within her presence over many decades.
Just not a generator of good US history…..always within some unusual happening
Not one who needs be in the public interest positions anymore, I don’t think, too volatile, too disruptive, too suspicious…..too risky. Time to help let nature carry the old girl out to pasture where she has no role to attract any more bad outcome effects on us or our future…..time to close the chapter on that type era of twisted personal conduct. The USA has better potential than to be further quelled by her.

Hillary Clinton is regarded as the First Lady that has been most empowered, except Eleanor Roosevelt. She has served two terms as a US Senator and ran for the presidential office. The American general public considers her a liberal. She has worked in favor of universal health care. No other First ladies held a post-graduate degree before Hillary Rodham Clinton. Bill was heard during his campaign to say he was providing, ‘two for one price,’ in reference to the work that his wife would be doing alongside him. She has been a strong advocate for a revamping of society morally, stating we were suffering from a ‘sleeping sickness of the soul.’ She and Bill Clinton have one daughter, Chelsea.

Hillary rodham 1969 thesis

hillary rodham 1969 thesis


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