Herodotus vs thucydides essay

This effort to collocate chiasmus with ahistoricity raises a far more serious problem for its conservative adherents. Consistently running with this formula puts an advocate squarely on the horns of a dilemma. The Christian message to the world stands or falls upon the historicity of the trial, death and resurrection of Christ. McCoy, citing, inter alios , Raymond Brown, shows that these pivotal events from Christ’s life, as recorded in the Matthean and Johannine gospels, are given expression through a chiastic structure. 44 The irony here cannot be over-exaggerated. Creationists have long argued, on entirely different grounds, that the denial of Genesis 1’s plain historicity undermines the Gospel, 45 yet, the putative identification of merely one literary device as an indication of a lack of historicity would, for literary theorists, necessarily ‘white-ant’ the historicity of the zenith of God’s entry into the time-space continuum.

Herodotus vs thucydides essay

herodotus vs thucydides essay


herodotus vs thucydides essayherodotus vs thucydides essayherodotus vs thucydides essayherodotus vs thucydides essay