Hero essays my mom

Everyone has had accomplishments in their life, and behind those accomplishments is someone who has had an impact on their life. My mother is my greatest influence for several reasons. She supports me, and the decisions I make, showed me that success comes from hard work, she inspires me and taught me to always believe in myself.
Whenever I am faced with a problem and have to make a decision, I know that my mother will be behind me one-hundred percent no matter what avenue I choose to travel down is. It is a great feeling to know that someone is always going to support me in anything I choose to do. It alleviates much of the stress that comes along with making decisions. For example, when I could not make a decision and choose which college I was going to, a community college or a university, my mother reassured me that she would be happy with the choice I made, as long as it made me happy. Having my mother tell me that alleviated much of the pressure I felt to pick a college. I did not want to disappoint her, and knowing that I would not, made the decision a lot easier... Read Full Essay Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper

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Hero essays my mom

hero essays my mom


hero essays my momhero essays my momhero essays my momhero essays my mom