Gateway of india essay in hindi

The canteen at Lloyd is maintained and run by one of the best caterers in Delhi. Lloyd insists that the canteen should provide snacks and lunch to the students and faculty members, it runs on the concept of 'pay as you eat'. The campus canteen is clean and well ventilated. Care is taken that the canteen provides the best food at low rates, and facilitates timely delivery of food so that students do not leave the campus during teaching hours.
Lloyd has Cafe Coffee Express in its campus since 2011. The kiosk is famous for its brownies and coffee. It's soft drinks and shakes are also famous. Lloyd takes care that quality snacks and soft drinks are provided at Cafe Coffee Express at reasonable rates.

I am again posting my comment which have been deleted by Insights…@Insight pls try to learn facing the situations.
Dear friends …. I am sharing my feedback of previous prelims test series – by insights
First of all I must say joining test series helps a lot and it very much important , as they boost up your confidence and highlight the areas or topic which you have not covered or areas where we must be extra cautious
1. I joined the test series in middle they have already covered ncerts
think the biggest lacuna is that they cover every book ie ncert..+ reference book plus others …from scratch ….. This tends to the duplicacy in note making …rather than it must be wholesome process .For example if you have read ..quit India movement from ncert ..n u made ur smart notes ..after fews days they will say now read bipin Chandra or ..others ….so it tends to duplicacy of work ..rather than you must at the same time read a topic from ncert+ reference book n ur topic is done for ever.
BUT if some starting from scratch then one can rely on this pattern …… Also PLS note if you are following their schedule than you must follow their schedule only ..if run your own parallel schedule than chances of conflict are very high.
3. each test constitutes 2-3 subjects + CA + Yojana…+++.due to many subjects what happens ,they are not able to cover all the dimension of the a particular topic .For example ,if I have prepared history , n say Quit India movement then they must cover all types of question which can be asked related to this topic …which is not in their case …as they try to cover so many thing in the same test ..this dilutes the purpose of the test
, insights tests were very helpful in last days of preparation because in those tests they tried to dug as much current affairs as possible from various govt websites …they covered past years papers of various competitive exam .that was helpful …but ..anyone can gets those test in market easily ..
My suggestion:
Join test series which covers the entire subject at one go… Like today is history modern India .then some other day ancient India etc ….from recomended sources ..
Above are my personal views ….so no heart feelings

Gateway of india essay in hindi

gateway of india essay in hindi


gateway of india essay in hindigateway of india essay in hindigateway of india essay in hindigateway of india essay in hindi