Flooding term paper

An arborist is both an advisor and a vendor who typically works in residential and other urban areas. An arborist can assess damage to individual trees to determine their future health and survival. An arborist also can prune trees, remove trees, plant trees, and treat insect and disease problems. You may find names by searching in the yellow pages under Tree Service. Arborists should be certified with organizations such as the International Society of Arboriculture or belong to professional organizations. This demonstrates that a professional is kept informed of the latest techniques and shows dedication to the industry.

“The failure of several levees in New Orleans raised questions as to why the levees had failed and brought immediate attention to the conditions of flood damage reduction throughout the country”. (Galloway, 2008) Shortly after Hurricane Katrina it became apparently clear that there wasn’t really one levee that hadn’t been breached or broken after the flood. And the damage that occurred was astounding! Loss of life, business, and property was worse in New Orleans, simply because of the levees separating the city from the surrounding lakes. Over 75% of the city was under water because of the levee breach!

Flooding term paper

flooding term paper


flooding term paperflooding term paperflooding term paperflooding term paper