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The first requirement for such a "deepening" was to recognize the multidimensional nature of power in the world: there was no single index by which the influence of states could be measured. Nuclear weapons , given the constraints on their use in an approaching era of parity , were of decreasing practical utility . Kissinger liked to point out that in no crisis since 1962 had the strategic balance determined the outcome. Vietnam had amply demonstrated the limits of conventional military force applied under constraints imposed by public opinion and the dangers of escalation. Ideology was proving to be a feeble force when arrayed against the compulsions of nationalism; territory bore little relationship to political influence; economic strength seemed at times to have little to do with any of these. And, underlying all of these complexities, there was the increasing importance of psychology: the perception of power had become as important as power itself.

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Chapman University offers a . in Computational and Data Sciences that students can complete in about four years of full-time study, but the program also accepts individuals interested in part-time study. The curriculum requires 70 to 73 credits, including 10 to 13 core credits, 45 credits in electives and research, and 12 credits for the dissertation. Applicants must have a bachelor's degree and must submit GRE scores. Prerequisite courses are differential equations, data structures, and probability and statistics. Accepted student who do not meet those prerequisites are required to take foundation courses. The college will accept up to 30 credits from a master's program. Students begin the program in the fall.

Find phd dissertation

find phd dissertation


find phd dissertationfind phd dissertationfind phd dissertationfind phd dissertation