Essays video games aggression

Computer vision syndrome is a condition many computer users get by staring at a computer screen the whole day. This is not a specific problem; rather it is a range of eyestrain and pain associated with frequent computer use. This is similar to carpal tunnel syndrome. Continued focus on one thing can strain the eye muscles. It is very different to the focus you give when reading because a computer screen has a glare in the background, the screen flickers from time to time etc. Most often, constant use of computers or video games can cause blurred vision, double vision, headaches and eye irritation all related to computer vision syndrome.

Her next example is a game named "Braid" (above). This is a game "that explores our own relationship with our encounter enemies and collect puzzle pieces, but there's one key can't die." You can go back in time and correct your mistakes. In chess, this is known as taking back a move, and negates the whole discipline of the game. Nor am I persuaded that I can learn about my own past by taking back my mistakes in a video game. She also admires a story told between the games levels, which exhibits prose on the level of a wordy fortune cookie.

Nevertheless, it would seem unfair if people do not acknowledge any vast benefits of video games. Firstly, video games bring a lot of fun to those people who really need to put their mind at ease after completing a hard task. Secondly, with the advent of mobile games, game producers could offer more jobs for programmers; therefore, it would inspire students to pursue this kind of challenging career path, and direct them to become ambitious as well as creative-thinking citizens. Besides, some well-designed video games might help children to develop their critical thinking skills, and assist them to interact with each other. Some games based on social sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, are the typical examples in terms of how video games connect people.

Essays video games aggression

essays video games aggression


essays video games aggressionessays video games aggressionessays video games aggressionessays video games aggression