Essays on south africa

SOUTH AFRICA - 1917-1949 COVERS HOARD. An interesting accumulation of commercial covers with the strength in 1940's censored mail, inc 1917 censored cover to USA with "South Coast Junction" cds's, 1918 'OHMS' cover to France, 1940's stampless 'On Active Service' covers with numeral ". U ." cds's, Army cachets inc boxed "9th Arm. Car Recce. Battalion", "Mobile Air Force Depot", "Military Hospital", "Training Group", ". Training Depot", "Air School", official covers with various cachets, one with Official Registration label, 1940's two 'OHMS' covers with "Army Signals" cds's, 1944 cover with Christmas label, 1945 printed 'Consulate de France' cover, many bantam frankings, registered covers inc uprated ps registered letters etc. Attractive. (approx 130 covers)

Missionaries and the white civil authorities introduced simple European-style square houses along lined streets in "native locations" for Christianized Post Office Clock Tower in Durban. South Africa's architecture reflects the influence of Dutch and British colonists. black people, beginning the architectural history of racial segregation. That history culminated in the 1950s in the rearrangement of the landscape to separate Bantu African, Coloured, Indian, and white population groups from one another in "Group Areas." In 1936, the final boundaries of Bantu African reserves limited the rights of residence of those groups to rural homelands scattered over thirteen percent of the country. In the eighty-seven percent of the land proclaimed "White areas," whites lived in town centers and near suburbs, while black workers were housed in more distant "townships" to serve the white economy. The current government does not have the resources to transform this pattern, but economic freedom and opportunity may enable citizens to create a more integrated built environment. In the meantime, the old townships remain with their black population, augmented by miles of new shack settlements containing impoverished rural migrants hoping for a better life in the environmentally overstressed urban areas.

Essays on south africa

essays on south africa


essays on south africaessays on south africaessays on south africaessays on south africa