Essays on journalism as a career

Vague words are subject to interpretation . What one person thinks is “enough” may be too little or too much for someone else. Your understanding of what is “good” will probably be different from the way others will interpret it. Look at an example:

John made some improvements on his house and it’s now more valuable.

John replaced the roof, repainted the kitchen and laid hardwood floors in his house.  As a result, its value has increased by 10%. 

In the second example, you have a much better idea about what was actually done to John’s house. In the first example, you don’t know if John just replaced one doorknob or completely renovated the whole place.  

It’s absolutely worth running your papers through a free editing tool before you hand them in because a tool can find these five issues, as well as many others. A well written paper shows that you are articulate and can communicate your points more clearly; your teachers will recognise the effort.

Women are the worst, but also the best, in the trying times of death and catastrophe. A good woman can see what work needs doing. She does it; gets help when needed. Leaves the men to stand around “being strong.” (The best of the men also make themselves useful.) Food always needs cooking; there is cleaning to be done; other details to take care of. Contemplation requires leisure; let the grieving have the leisure they require. They ask for no advice: give none. Don’t distract with offers of help that are both unnecessary and insincere. Instead be attentive to request, and act — invisibly. Be there, on call like a soldier; and like a good soldier, shut up.

Essays on journalism as a career

essays on journalism as a career


essays on journalism as a careeressays on journalism as a careeressays on journalism as a careeressays on journalism as a career