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Thank you Dr Park for writing this! I am new to the pediatric craniofacial development community. Pushed into this because I have 5 children with OSA. I am an Airway Dentist that has been helping adult OSA patients with Oral Appliance Therapy for over a decade. I wish I could have gotten to these adults when they were 4 or 5! What different lives they may have!
Do you have any suggestions on how I can reach out to the ENT community in St Louis? How can I help show them that we should all be working together collaboratively if we really want to HELP these kiddos?
Stacy Ochoa, DDS
Diplomate, ABDSM

I was talking to my daughter and she mentioned Whole 30. I have now combined Whole 30 with a Ketogenic lifestyle change. I cut out all dairy, grain, sugar, nuts, legumes, almost all fruit and all alcohol. I have read a ton of information (habit) and found that although I eat organic everything… almost everything I was eating was being converted into some sort of sugar/glucose. Even the green juices. These were incredible revelations to me. I don’t care for candy, but love fruit so ate a lot of it. Turns out, that’s bad too. If our body has a constant source of sugar being put into it, it CANNOT burn fat. If we remove those sources (mostly carbs in my case), our body MUST turn to the fat reserves. This new eating plan also increases fat consumption. I began my new eating habits on Monday July 25 & though I was not suppose to weigh myself for 30 days… I weighed exactly 6 pounds LESS in 6 days. I also feel better than I have for a long long time.

Essay sleep hygeine

essay sleep hygeine


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