Essay on road safety speech

According to Victorian motorcycle advocate Rodney Brown, the nature and likely consequences of hazards differ significantly for motorcyclists compared to drivers of other vehicles. [41] For example, the current highway standards in the US permit pavement ridges of up to inches (about centimeters) without tapering, which pose a significant hazard to motorcycles. [40] Potholes and presence of debris pose a greater hazard for motorcyclists than drivers of larger vehicles, because the former can cause a loss of stability and control and the latter can deflect a motorcycle's wheel at impact. [41]

Research on the trends in use of heavy vehicles indicate that a significant difference between the . and other countries is the relatively high prevalence of pickup trucks and SUVs in the . A 2003 study by the . Transportation Research Board found that SUVs and pickup trucks are significantly less safe than passenger cars, that imported-brand vehicles tend to be safer than American-brand vehicles, and that the size and weight of a vehicle has a significantly smaller effect on safety than the quality of the vehicle's engineering. [69] The level of large commercial truck traffic has substantially increased since the 1960s, while highway capacity has not kept pace with the increase in large commercial truck traffic on . highways. [70] [71] However, other factors exert significant influence; Canada has lower roadway death and injury rates despite a vehicle mix comparable to that of the . [68] Nevertheless, the widespread use of truck-based vehicles as passenger carriers is correlated with roadway deaths and injuries not only directly by dint of vehicular safety performance per se , but also indirectly through the relatively low fuel costs that facilitate the use of such vehicles in North America; motor vehicle fatalities decline as fuel prices increase. [63] [72]

Essay on road safety speech

essay on road safety speech


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