Essay of nature by emerson

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Wordsworth continues to regret the crass, materialistic attitude of man in his Petrarchan sonnet, “The World is too much with us.” He cries out that we waste our resources by consuming too much. He states that we are not in tune with nature any longer as we have become too insensitive. Using the powerful imagery of howling winds which are gathered up like flowers, the poet conveys a sense of urgency in his poem. By portraying the sea as laying bare its bosom to the moon, he alludes to the connectedness of every great and small thing in nature.. He feels angry that the beauty, mystery and force of nature have no effect on the insensitive soul of man, who is out of harmony with nature. The mercenary goals of man disgusts him so much that he wishes he were born as a pagan, who would have had a better communion with the sea and the land.

Essay of nature by emerson

essay of nature by emerson


essay of nature by emersonessay of nature by emersonessay of nature by emersonessay of nature by emerson