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A failed December 2009 attempt by a militant trained in Yemen to detonate a bomb on a Detroit-bound airliner focused Obama’s attention on the country. Over the next two years, the United States carried out an estimated 20 airstrikes in Yemen, most in 2011. In addition to killing al Qaeda-linked militants, the strikes killed dozens of civilians, according to Yemenis. Instead of decimating the organization, the Obama strikes have increased the ranks of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula from 300 fighters in 2009 to more than 1,000 today, according to Gregory Johnsen, a leading Yemen expert at Princeton University. In January, the group briefly seized control of Radda, a town only 100 miles from the capital, Sanaa. "I don’t believe that the . has a Yemen policy," Johnsen told me. "What the . has is a counterterrorism strategy that it applies to Yemen."

More Planned Parenthood Planned Parenthood Is Awarded the ‘American Nobel’ Oregon Governor Puts Taxpayers on the Hook for All Abortions Population Control, the Undying Dream of the Left Those who would welcome this reimagining seem to be oblivious to, or heedless of, the consequences, which are not restricted to mother and child. The violence of abortion severs the bonds between generations, denying the responsibilities we owe to those past and those to come, and it severs the bonds that join a community, denying the responsibilities we owe to those we live alongside. Abortion is the decision to cut oneself off from the world. Are the loneliness and pain that accompany it really so mysterious?

Essay obama abortion

essay obama abortion


essay obama abortionessay obama abortionessay obama abortionessay obama abortion