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The story has a MacGuffin referred to as the “Mind’s Eye” in the title. In the book, it is called the Kaiburr crystal, which was based on an unused idea by George Lucas for the original Star Wars screenplay. The ancient force relic could be used to increase a Force-sensitive’s power one thousand times over. Shards of the Kaiburr crystal also worked as a lightsaber crystal. This idea might sound familiar as the name and concept were later employed as “kyber crystals” in Star Wars canon. They first featured in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series and remain part of current Star Wars canon, used as the energy source inside a lightsaber. There is even a rumor that Kyber Crystals will be a big part of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story , potentially retroactively becoming a much larger part of Star Wars history.

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Essay ghostwrite

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