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The Igbo have number of wind and stringed musical instruments. The ugene is a whistle made of baked clay, round in form, and about the size of a billiard ball. Probably the most interesting of the Igbo instruments is the ubaw-akwala, a sort of guitar. It has a triangular body formed by three pieces of soft wood sewn together. It is played by strolling singers in the evenings. Igbo singers improvise as the song proceeds and show great skill in fitting words to the song's rhythm and tune.

Maiguru and Babamukuru are suspended between the two worlds of the village and the mission. Maiguru says of her children, "They're too Anglicised... they picked up all these disrespectful ways in England, and it's taking them time to learn how to behave at home again." She keeps to the traditional way of serving her husband first and making sure he has had a satisfying meal before eating. However, at the end of Chapter 5, Maiguru shows some resentment that her education took a backseat to her familial obligations. Babamukuru also thinks that Nyasha is out of control. Nyasha's attitude toward her parents is at odds with Tambu's own respect for her aunt and uncle. It seems that Nyasha's rebellion stems from the fact that she, too, is confused between her English identity and her Shona roots - but does not yet have a mature way to deal with it, like her parents do.

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Essay explorative

essay explorative


essay explorativeessay explorativeessay explorativeessay explorative