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Fork-marked lemurs (the genus Phaner ) are primates native to Madagascar . Weighing around 350 grams ( lb) or more, they are some of the largest members of the family of dwarf and mouse lemurs in the suborder Strepsirrhini . They have a dorsal forked stripe, dark rings around their eyes, and large membranous ears. Like other members of their family, they are nocturnal , and sleep in tree holes and nests during the day. Males are very vocal, making repeated calls at the beginning and end of the night. Monogamous pairing is typical; females are dominant, and are thought to have only one offspring every two years or more. Fork-marked lemurs run quadrupedally across branches in a wide variety of habitats, ranging from dry deciduous forests to rainforests . Their diet consists primarily of tree gum and other exudates , though they may obtain some of their protein by hunting small arthropods later at night. Three of the four species are endangered and the other is listed as vulnerable . Their populations are in decline due to habitat destruction . ( Full article... )

Encyclopedia and dissertation

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encyclopedia and dissertationencyclopedia and dissertationencyclopedia and dissertationencyclopedia and dissertation