Communism vs democracy essay

Noted supporters of communism in the include singers Woody Guthrie , Pete Seeger , and Paul Robeson ; activists Angela Davis and Bill Ayers ; and noted spies Alger Hiss and the Rosenbergs . Many people openly supported communism in the 1920s and 1930s. But the 1950s saw the rise of Senator Joe McCarthy and the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) , which launched hundreds of "investigations" in search of communist sympathizers. Although belief in communism is not a crime under . law, and these activities ultimately found very little evidence of a communist conspiracy, a substantial number of people suffered irreparable harm to their reputations, such as those on the Hollywood blacklist .

But it is too obvious that certain cultures and people are better than others. This is why America grew and became popular. The culture was far superior to other inferior cultures. Don't believe me? Why then did everybody immigrate to the new American culture and away from their former culture? When people came to America they adopted a new way of living as framed by the Founding Fathers. These guys were superior humans. They are better than most people. I know it sounds a bit Hitlerish or Fascist, but it is a completely different mission than Hitler and all the dictators. They set out to control. The Founding Fathers set out to free up. After all, George Washington was appalled that many of the colonists would be so inclined to render him the title King George I. The Founding Fathers were smarter, they were more moral and they set out to improve the whole world with one small idea of freedom. Nobody in the world had ever thought of turning on Britain and going against them, but these "rebel" Americans decided it was time to uplift the inferior world with a superior way of living. It's called evolution and progress. And it is usually much more fun being with people of understanding and direction than those of confusion and slumber.

Communism vs democracy essay

communism vs democracy essay


communism vs democracy essaycommunism vs democracy essaycommunism vs democracy essaycommunism vs democracy essay