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I stress this because I fear conceptual misrepresentation of “bad sex,” “rape culture,” and all possible conflations of the two. When people hear or ponder the phrase ‘bad sex,’ most folks’ ideas imagine sex that’s boring, disappointing, without pleasure or passion, etc. “Rape culture,” however, has its own very specific expectations, mores, habits, and even taboos. No one gets sexually assaulted and thinks before, during, or after, “wow, what bad sex!” and then decides that they were raped after all.

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Beyond that, I believe that my art-based theory of "sexual personae" is far more expansive and truthful about human psychology than is current campus ideology: who we are or want to be exceeds mere gender, because every experimental persona that we devise contains elements of gesture, dress, and attitude rich with historical and cultural associations. (For Halloween in childhood, for example, I defiantly dressed as Robin Hood, a Roman soldier, a matador, Napoleon, and Hamlet.) Because of my own personal odyssey, I am horrified by the escalating prescription of puberty-blockers to children with gender dysphoria like my own: I consider this practice to be a criminal violation of human rights. Have the adults gone mad? Children are now being callously used for fashionable medical experiments with unknown long-term results.

Camille paglia essay madonna

camille paglia essay madonna


camille paglia essay madonnacamille paglia essay madonnacamille paglia essay madonnacamille paglia essay madonna