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CUS203 Maritime Regulation and Enforcement (8)
CUS204 Principles of Cargo Control (8)
CUS304 Duty Suspension Regimes (8)
CUS305 Immigration Law, Policy and Practice (8)

Students can choose to study electives from wider CSU offerings including those offered by the Australian Graduate School of Policing and Security (AGSPS), which are recommended. Students should choose 200 or 300 level subjects and seek the permission of the Course Director before enrolling.  At least 16 points of the elective subjects chosen must be at the 300 level.  The decision to support or reject a student’s elective enrolment will be solely focused on whether or not, in the Course Director’s opinion, the elective choice would contribute to the learning outcomes for the course.

Animal border writing paper

animal border writing paper


animal border writing paperanimal border writing paperanimal border writing paperanimal border writing paper